Careers in social care

Social care is a sector which offers lots of rewarding careers, with many different job roles and opportunities for progression.  It’s all about helping people.  It doesn’t matter what kind of academic background you have there is an option for you with many roles offering on-the-job training.  If you like working with people then somewhere in your community there’s a role that you can do.

Social Care can be a good stepping stone to becoming a Social Worker and can provide the experience needed when applying to study.  The experience will not only give you an invaluable insight into the nature of social care and the role of a social worker (and the challenges they face) but also help you decide whether social work is a career you really want to pursue.  Working in social care can help develop your communication and active listening skills, improve interpersonal skills, build resilience and develop your leadership and management skills.  The experience can be paid, voluntary or placement work, or  direct experience of service provision.

Explore some of the many Social Care careers and pathways below:

Social Work an Inspiring Career Choice

Watch the film below to hear from students, social workers and service users in our Teaching Partnership about what social work means to them.  The film is aimed at people making a career choice to get inspired, choose social work and make a difference.

Visit our learn with us page to find out more about becoming a Social Worker with our partnership.

Return to Social Work

Getting back into social work after time away can be tough, but with the right support you can regain the confidence and knowledge you need to get back to making a difference to people’s lives.  We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different and people may have maintained their Social Work registration but have not recently practiced as a Social Worker.  These Return to Social Work Programmes offered by 2 of our Local Authorities enable you to develop current practice experience to support a return to statutory Social Work.

For further information and contact details please see:

Careers in Adults Social Care

Think Care Careers – With a wide range of opportunities available explore how you can develop your career, job roles and apprenticeships.

Watch the films below to find our more about about what Adults Social Care offers and the worthwhile job that can turn into a rewarding, long-term career.

Careers in Health & Social Care

Public Sector and Charity Work

  • Job Roles Available – Visit Target Careers to find our more about roles on offer and if it would suit you.
  • Work with us – View what social work opportunities our teaching partnership local authorities can offer.

Careers in Children’s Social Work

Children’s social work is a challenging field, dealing with sensitive issues and difficult times for families. However, it’s also extremely rewarding.  There are many reasons to choose a career in children’s social work. Having the ability to keep a child safe or a family together is a wonderful thing.

To become a children’s social worker, you’ll need to gain a degree qualification which is recognised by Social Work England.  There are many different children’s social worker roles available with opportunity for progression.  Click on the links below to find out more