Degree programmes

Social work degree programme

Social work degree qualifying programmes, within the Partnership, are offered by the University of Huddersfield and University of York. These will provide you with the practice skills and academic knowledge needed to become a registered social worker in England. In addition, both universities have outstanding track records in providing high quality social work teaching, with excellent achievement rates and student satisfaction feedback.


Our university degrees offer you a high quality learning experience through:

  • Modules co-developed and co-delivered by Social Workers and service users;
  • Curriculum reviewed by Principle Social Workers to ensure it reflects local assessment and intervention
  • Two work placements linked to your preferred area of practice;
  • High quality support and mentoring while on placement from an accredited Practice Educator;
  • Practice learning sessions delivered by the partnership’s team of Practice Educator Consultants;
  • Opportunities to develop research skills and learn from practitioners undertaking academic research; and
  • Final year support from social work employers to help you:
    • Make professional contacts,
    • Apply for jobs,
    • Prepare for interviews, and
    • Successfully make the transition from student to frontline Social Worker.Huddersfield University

University of Huddersfield

University of York