Social Work Placements

Opportunities for our students

All our degree programmes offer students two statutory social work placements.  They provide opportunities to apply and develop your knowledge, skills and values in a practice setting that will provide experience of statutory social work.  Placements provide you with the opportunity to work towards meeting the requirements of the Professional Capabilities Framework and the Knowledge and Skills Statements.  Students undertake a 70 day placement followed by a 100 day placement; students at York University also complete a 30 day placement in a non-statutory work setting.

We recognise the value of gaining experience of working with community based private, voluntary and independent organisations.  Therefore we look to include some placement opportunities where these involve statutory social work tasks.

“I was provided with a diverse range of working opportunities which have helped me
develop my skills and confidence.  Along with my own case load which was closely supervised by the PEC.  In addition, I was supported throughout my placement with a good structured induction, frequent 1 to 1 supervision, a very supportive team and student support groups which were organised and run by the PEC”
Student Social Worker – University of Huddersfield



“I feel ready to begin working as a social worker and feel competent to do so, largely due to the experience gained on my placement.”  Student Social Worker – University of York


For more information about social work placements see our FAQs.  Read about our students placement experiences in our case studies:

Start your journey today, see our social work degree pathway.  Watch the films to hear from some of our current Social Workers on why they chose the profession, their experiences of studying and working in the partnership.

Our support for you

Placements are jointly arranged by our university placement leads and Practice Educator Consultants (PECs) to best support students’ identified learning and development needs.  All students will receive a comprehensive induction and will be supported throughout placement by a Practice Educator.  In addition support is offered by a range of staff especially PECs, work based supervisors and local authority workforce development teams.

Students on placement can access the local authorities and teaching partnerships learning and development opportunities.  Students can also access resources on current topics via our resources page.

Our partnership’s approach to placements

The documents below provide further information on the Partnership’s approach to placement provision and the  arrangements within the partnership.  They offer guidance and information on the roles and responsibilities of those involved and the protocols that have been agreed for the allocation and management of placements.