Social Work News Social Work Leadership Event and Development Day

The event on 26th February 2020 was a huge success,  the event was targeted at Social Work leaders, board members and service user groups within the partnership.

We were delighted that over 60 delegates attended the first half of the day and heard senior representatives from across the Partnership talk about the importance of strong leadership in social work.   Themes covered included:

  • A strength based approach to social work: “People are experts in their own lives, Individuality matters”
  • Strength in Relationships : “Every child has a family and they can be found if we try”
  • Quality and values in social work: “Different roles, same goal”
  • Leadership from a university perspective: “Learning with and from each other”

As the Covid 19 crisis hit just after this event took place, only 12 participants we able to complete the evaluation – but the majority rated the event excellent or very good.

Take a look at the Speakers Presentations.

The second part of the day, which was also well attended, comprised of a development workshop for service users and members of the Partnership to decide on priorities for 2020 to 2021.