Social Work News Lecturer Practitioners — Straddling the Divide between the Field and Classroom

The Department of Education’s evaluation into Social Work Teaching Partnerships (SWTPs) identified that there has been increased activity in the embedding of joint learning between practitioners and academics (Interface Associates, 2020). This article will reflect on the lecturer practitioner role introduced in one HEI, which has provided a vehicle to bring closer together the two strands of academic and practice which are fundamental for the development of social work practitioners.

Authors – Leeanne N. Olivant & Eric W. Z. Greenwood (2021)

Leeanne Olivant is a qualified Social Worker, with experience mainly in the field of disabilities. Her current role is as a senior lecturer in social work, and she is undertaking a PhD.

Eric Greenwood is a qualified Social Worker and Approved Mental Health Professional. He shares his time between practice and working as a lecturer/practitioner in mental health social work.

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